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Acadiana needs Holden Hoggatt

We deserve a congressman who shares real Louisiana values. Holden will work to fix our economy, fund infrastructure, reduce crime, and end the opioid crisis. Holden’s priorities are working families, small businesses, and our natural resources.

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Holden Hoggatt

Will put Louisiana’s future first

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Holden Hoggatt will fight for an economy that values our people.

The rising cost of gas, groceries, utilities, and more is stealing dignity from hard working families and Holden will fight for policies that get Americans back to work, and cut unnecessary regulations and red tape for Louisiana’s biggest industries and for our small businesses.

He will address the current labor shortage using smart, safe programs that create better, more permanent jobs for families. He will get rid of unnecessary occupational licenses and redundant business regulations.

Holden supports a balanced budget. He will fight against policies that add to our national debt, and for plans to strengthen the American dollar.

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Holden Hoggatt will bring action to a plan for infrastructure improvement.

Cajun Country has been left behind by poor leadership on flood protection and infrastructure. That makes it harder to attract new jobs, grow our economy, and secure a bright future for our children.

Holden will invest in our infrastructure, including programs that improve roads, bridges, and expand internet access to rural areas. He will advocate for real solutions to protect our properties from flooding and make sure insurance companies keep their word in times of disaster.

Holden will make sure relief comes quickly after storms. He will push for federal help for disaster relief and affordable housing for people who are displaced.

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South Louisiana needs Justice. 1 in 3 children in Louisiana has a parent with a criminal history, setting generations back. We must take action to prevent crime. Holden will use his legal experience to fight to make South Louisiana safer.

Holden will invest in law enforcement training, crime prevention programs, and reentry programs that reduce repeat offenses. He will expand mental health services, especially for our veterans.

He will make every effort to keep dangerous drugs out of Louisiana. He will use tough immigration policies to bring the might of the federal government down on drug cartels that profit off the opioid crisis. Here at home, he will increase funding for programs that end addiction and prevent violence.

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Fishing & Agriculture

We need smarter policies so Louisiana can feed America. D.C. insiders don’t understand the harm some policies can do to our economy, businesses, and outdoorsmen. As an avid fisherman, Holden will fight for sensible commercial and recreational policies.

He will support our farmers, producers, timber industry, and aquaculture to keep well-paying jobs in Louisiana. He will ban imports of Chinese fish and seafood, to keep invasive species out. Holden supports the local fishing industry and recreational fisherman.

Holden will take steps to build sustainable, locally produced food networks. He will work with the USDA and NRCS to fight food insecurity and create a healthier Louisiana.